Some attributes
First Its name means three horned face
Second It was the 2nd most famous dinosaur
Third It was a herd animal, like


Other attributes

Triceratops was a 30 foot long ceratopsian.



Triceratops was the largest of its kind and it inhabited what is now North America. Unlike Chasmosaurus,  it was a short frilled ceratopsian, like Centrosaurus.

Habits and defenceEdit

It was only pursued by the hungriest of tyrannosaurs. The only predator for these massive animals was the terrible Tyrannosaurus rex. These were herd animals and tyrannosaurus only had hope for a meal if there was a lone young, or male/female triceratops.


It, like Chasmosaurus and Torosaurus was a chasmosaurine. 

In Other MediaEdit

In Walking With..Edit

A young triceratops was killed by a male tyrannosaurus that was getting a gift for his mate.

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