Super poop

Poop, or more scientificly called scat is dung or waste that comes from any mobile living matter. 


Description Edit

Scat can be found almost in all sorts of habitats, so basically, where anything that has mobile living things there will be scat. It smells bad to the ordinary Homo Sapien. However, dungbeetles don't mind it, however Humans/homo sapiens usually do. Sometimes, people refer to it as crap.It is usally brown but if your sick it can turn purple or blue.When someone says there going to use the bathroom most people say TMI witch means To Much Information

In Other MediaEdit

In the Walking With Series Edit

Scat is seen in many, many different types of media. like the walking with series, and planet dinosaur. It was shown in walking in dinosaurs, episode 2, Time of the Titans, coming from a Diplodocus.