Big guy

Lystrosaurus was a pig sized dicynodont that was similar to Dicynodon


Lystrosaurus moved in monster herds and ate up so much vegetation that they had to migrate constantly. They sometimes had to walk in single file so they were at danger to the smaller, but venomous therocephalians. It was also preyed on by the gorgonopsians like lycaenops, which was a relative of the huge synapsid, Gorgonopsid.

In Other MediaEdit

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Clade: Synapsida
Order: Therapsida
Infraorder: Dicynodontia
Family: Lystrosauridae
Genus: Lystrosaurus
The hear
Lystrosaurus was a main character/protagonist in the second half of the Walking With Monsters: episode 3, Clash of the Titans. It followed a herd of Lystrosaurus.