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Bones of the Eoraptor

The valley of the Moon in north-western Argentina consists of dusty outcrops of sandstone and mudstone laid down in lushly forested river valleys in the late Triassic times.


The Triassic river banks were prowled by the first dinosaurs, including fox-sized Eoraptor, and various other reptiles that hunted for food.


Eoraptor is known from a complete skeleton that is laking in the tail, and in shape and size Eoraptor comforms to every idea of the primitive dinosuar.It's lower jaw lacks the bone joint behind the tooth row that is seen in every other meat-eater,and there is more than one kind of tooth,something unusual in a meat-eating dinosaur. However ,all other skeletal features such as the shape of the hips, the upright stance and a reduction of the number of fingers on the hands show that this dinosuar is definitely a early theropods.

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