Cryptoclidus was a pleisosaur that lived during the late Jurassic Period  .


It lived in Europe, and its predator was probably Liopleurodon . Its name means, hidden collar bone. It hunted fish and competed with the ichthyosaurs, like Opthalmosaurus for food. It was was 13 feet long, and was a fish and squid eater. It was a relative of pleisosaurus. The ichthyosaurs were like the dolphins and whales of the Jurassic period, the pleisosaurs, like cryptoclidus were the seals, because they could come onto land without being stranded, unlike liopleurodon .

In Other mediaEdit

Cryptoclidus was in Walking With Dinosaurs: episode 3, Cruel Sea. It appeared hunting fish, beng able to go on land for periods of time, and it was hunted by Liopleurodon. Cryptoclidus was also shown living alongside the ichthyosaur Opthalmosaurus. They were also fairly low on the food chain.