Coelophysis was a coeleosaur that lived during the late Triassic period.


Coelophysis was 6-10 feet long, and hunted lizards, lungfish and possibly young and sick Placerias. It also scavenged off of the kills of Postosuchus and the crocodian rutiodon. It was a carnivore and was a cannibal, to its own kind sometimes.  

Coelophysis, is an extinct genus of coelophysid theropod dinosaur that lived approximately 203 to 196 million years ago during the latter part of the Triassic Period in what is now the southwestern United States.

In Other MediaEdit

Coelophysis was the main character in Walkibng With Dinosaurs: episode 1, New Blood. It was first shown hunting for lungfish, but being scared of by a herd of Placerias. It was then shown throughout the episode, and it was finnally shown when a pair of coelophysis was scared of by a herd of Plateosaurus.