Baryonx was a piscovore that lived in the very early Cretaceous period .


Although mostly a piscovore and preying on Lepidotes, Baryonx may have hunted, occasionly juvenile Iguanodon. It was a relative of the giant spinosaur, spinosaurus. It is most famous for having a giant claw on the front of its claw, that was used for self defense and hunting. Although it llived before its relative Spinosaurus, Baryonyx lived in Europe. This led scientists to believe that some baryonyx swam down to africa, were Spinosaurus fossils were found. Another creature, that was similar to baryonyx, suchiminus, used to be classified as its own species, but recent studies shows that suchominus, might have been a type of baryonyx.      

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Baryonx appeared in the early Cretaceous period picture in the Prehistoric Encyclopedia.The rest is coming soon!